Our Team

Committed to the Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of FAHASS. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

Joseph Lyttle

Executive Director

(540) 907-4555 x120

Emily Brissette, BSW

Lead Medical Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 x132

Kathy Douberly

(540) 907-4555 x125

Jacob Ducey

Grants Manager
(540) 907-4555 x116

Bill Emminger

Transportation Coordinator
(540) 940-9845

Katie Fields, MS

Mental Health Counselor
(540) 907-4555 x111

Wendy Flores, LPN

Medical Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 143

Doug Fogal

Early Intervention Specialist
(540) 907-4555 x131

Jasmine Ford, LPN

Assistant Programs Manager
(540) 907-4555 x112

Cynthia Hackett, BSW

Medical Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 x117

Josh Helsley

Psychosocial Programs Coordinator
(540) 907-4555 x119

Nadia Jamal, CHC

Housing Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 x141

Matthew Jaster

Non-Medical Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 x130

William "BJ" Johnson

(540) 940-9100

Erika Jones, MSW

Programs Manager
(540) 907-4555 x205

Donna Powell

Programs Director
(540) 907-4555 x118

Jorge Roldan

Medical Case Manager
(540) 907-4555 x124

Aide Sanchez

Prevention Specialist
(540) 907-4555 x115

Lorenzo Sherman

Early Intervention Specialist
(540) 907-4555 x113

Candace Strang

Operations Coordinator
(540) 907-4555 x204

Charlton Brown

Non-Medical Case Manager/Benefits Navigator
(540) 907-4555 x144

Stephen Clark

Development Director
(540) 907-4555 x123

Crystal Miller-Williams, NP

Practice Manager
(540) 907-4555 x126

Tossia Elliott

Early Intervention Specialist
(540) 940-7943

Amanda Strawn

Development Coordinator
(540) 907-4555 x122


Michelle Sullivan

Non-Medical Case Manager

(540) 907-4555 x142

If your passion is to improve the community, then join our team of extraordinary employees.

Click to see the current employment opportunities with FAHASS.

Board of Directors

The FAHASS Board of Directors is a volunteer body of members promoting the work, mission, and vision of the organization across its service region.


Our Board is composed of the following regional members:

  • Meghan O'Connor, President

  • Mike King, Vice President

  • Phil Brown, Treasurer 

  • Patricia Bolen, Director

  • Dennis Parsons, Director 

  • Josue Rivera-Orellano, Director  


Consider making a difference in our community by being part of our Board of Directors. This team provides guidance and support to fulfill the goals and mission of the agency.


Download our Board responsibilities here or contact Joseph Lyttle for further information.



4701 Market St., Ste. B

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(540) 907-4555